Community Support Connections – Meals on Wheels and More is proud to announce that we are a fully accredited organization through Accreditation Canada as of November 2016.

Accreditation Canada is a not-for-profit, independent organization that provides health organizations with an external peer review to assess the quality of their services based on standards of excellence. Surveys are conducted by experienced professionals from accredited health facilities.

This is an ongoing process we are proud to be part of as we strongly believe in being transparent and accountable to our clients. We are so excited to demonstrate our commitment to delivering quality services.

CSC strives to be transparent and accountable in all our activities. We are accountable to the people and communities we service, our volunteers, donors, funders and other supporters.  We strive to ensure accountability through various means:

To the people and communities we serve:

CSC regularly seeks input from the people and communities we serve through program evaluation, satisfaction surveys, community consultations and focus groups.
We provide opportunities for involvement in service delivery, fundraising and governance/decision-making.

We make our newsletters, Annual Reports, Client Bill of Rights, Privacy Policy, Complaints Policy and ProcessAODA Policy and Multi-Year AODA Plan, and Multi-Sector Service Accountability Agreement to the Local Health Integration Network available on our website and in hard copy upon request.

To our volunteers:

Our volunteer recruitment and screening policies are readily accessible.  We provide position specific training and supports.  We strive to keep our volunteers well informed – both about issues that affect them and our clients directly – and about issues that affect the agency and community at large.

To our donors, funders and other supporters:

We provide regular financial and program reports to our donors, funders and other supporters, through specified reporting mechanisms and/or our newsletters and annual reports.

If you have any questions about our accountability measures, please contact the Executive Director.

2018-19 Official Program Statistics

714 caring volunteers contributed 68,630 hours of their time (that’s the equivalent of 38 full time staff) to help us serve 7,667 clients.

We provided:

154,823 units of gentle exercise
84,277 Meals on Wheels
37,952 rides
30,993 hours of home help
9,167 friendly visits & calls
8,686 units of falls prevention
2,030 community meals
1,716 grocery shops
847 units of caregiver support

Community Support Connections