Who can benefit?

Individuals interested in socializing over a delicious meal with other community members.

A happy older man listening to a young woman playing the guitar
A smiling woman serves salad to a seated older woman

Service Overview

Enjoy the company of others, as you receive a lovely-prepared three-course meal, listen to guest speakers, and engage in fun activities over lunch! Food is prepared with fresh ingredients by our Red Seal Chefs in our professional kitchen.

Service Details

Simply call our office to arrange a convenient intake appointment. From there, you just call our office whenever you are joining us for lunch, and we will add your order to our reservation.

• Offered at a variety of sites throughout the region with transportation options depending on the location.
• This service is offered in Cambridge, Kitchener, North Dumfries, and Waterloo.
• There are fees for this service. Please see the fees page for pricing information.

Three seated woman laughing at a dinner table

I’m an introvert and I don’t like being around big groups of people, but then I met Joyce and other friends and sometimes we even chat on the phone. It’s the companionship, the laughing. I think for me, most of it is being able to laugh. It’s the whole process.


Client: Community Dining

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