Preventing Falls for a Healthy Tomorrow
Two older women and one older man perform standing exercises during a Falls Prevention class

With her 70th birthday just around the corner, Margaret is dedicated to staying active, healthy, and independent.

“I plan to live a long time and I want to be able to move my body, travel, play with my grandchildren, and enjoy time with my husband. Exercise and falls prevention will improve my quality of life as I age.”

About three years ago, a friend introduced Margaret to free group exercise classes offered by Community Support Connections – Meals on Wheels and More (CSC) and she has been participating ever since. It was during the class that she was introduced to CSC’s six-week Falls Prevention program led by a registered kinesiologist.

“I’ve fallen twice before, and found that you decondition very quickly. It affects every aspect of your life – cooking, pain control, personal hygiene, and your work.”

Falls can have serious health consequences for older adults and can lead to a loss of mobility, independence, hospitalization, and even loss of life. In the classes, Margaret quickly learned that these falls are preventable.

She learned practical topics related to reducing her risk of falling including nutrition, home safety, bone health, and more. The kinesiologist also demonstrated strengthening exercises that can be practiced at home.Falls Prevention Month logo - We all have a role to play in preventing falls

Margaret is delighted to have the tools she needs to stay strong and healthy so she can continue to maintain her independence and quality of life. She has also noticed vast improvements in her mobility since attending the classes.

“I love challenging myself. I can walk farther and longer, and I have more flexibility. I’ve also noticed that my balance is improving.”

Each week, hundreds of people participate in CSC’s free gentle exercise classes with rotating falls prevention programming. The programs are delivered at more than 90 convenient locations across Waterloo Region, including retirement homes, community sites and one-on-one in client homes, and are free of charge.

Falls prevention classes are also offered at two permanent locations in Kitchener: Rockway Centre (1405 King Street East) and the Salvation Army Church (75 Tillsley Drive). If you or someone you know might be interested in participating, please call CSC at 519-772-8787 to register.

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