Fees for CSC Services

Thanks to our funders and the generosity of our local community, many of our programs and services are free of charge. For some, there is a modest fee for service. Clients are billed at the end of each month. Multiple payment options are available.

Effective July 1st 2019, we will have seven different fee levels based on client income.

Income verification is not a requirement to receive CSC services; however, if you choose to not share your income information with CSC, you will be charged the standard fee.

If your income makes you eligible for a different fee for any of our services, you will need to provide your 2018 tax assessment for staff to review during your initial home visit to be charged the appropriate fee. Once your income has been verified, your approval covers all programs for at least one year before a renewal is required.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to call us. Our staff will be happy to answer your questions or direct your call. Please see below for pricing effective July 1, 2019. For pricing before then, please contact our office at 519-772-8787, or info@cscmow.org.

Fees effective July 1 2019 - Based on Annual Income (from line 150 of your 2018 income tax return)
Income Range Meals on Wheels Transportation and Shopping Community Dining Housecleaning
Single Couple Fee per meal Fee per ride 2 way ride minimum Assisted Shop Fee to Cancel Dining fee Dining + Ride CSC Homemaker*
less than $15,000 less than $19,800 $4.20 $0.33/km $6.60 $7.50 $3.00 $4.50 $7.50 $15.00/hr
$15,001-$20,000 $19,801-$26,400 $5.75 $0.40/km $8.00 $9.00 $4.00 $6.00 $9.00 $20.00/hr
$20,001-$25,000 $26,401-$33,000 $8.25 $0.50/km $10.00 $11.00 $5.00 $9.50 $13.50 $25.00/hr
$25,001-$35,000 $33,001-$46,200 $10.00 $0.70/km $14.00 $15.00 $5.00 $10.50 $15.50 $27.00/hr
$35,001-$45,000 $46,201-$52,000 $11.00 $0.90/km $18.00 $19.00 $6.00 $11.00 $17.00 $29.00/hr
$45,001-$60,000 $52,001-$69,000 $13.00 $1.20/km $24.00 $24.00 $6.00 $13.00 $21.00 $34.00/hr
greater than $60,000 greater than $69,000 $15.00 $1.50/km $30.00 $30.00 $8.00 $15.00 $25.00 $40.00/hr
STANDARD FEE - this fee is applied if income is not provided to CSC $15.00 $1.50/km $30.00 $30.00 $8.00 $15.00 $25.00 $40.00/hr

Cancellation Fees
Meals on Wheels Transportation & Shopping Dining Dining + Ride CSC Homemaker*
Before cancellation deadline no fee no fee no fee no fee no fee
After cancellation deadline 100% see above 100% meal only 1 hour
No show/unable to deliver service 100% see above 100% 100% 1 hour

*CSC offers two models of homemaking to best suit clients’ needs. Pricing listed here is for CSC’s staff homemaking program, for which monthly billing with multiple payment options takes place. A brokered worker program is also available for light, heavy, or crisis cleans with prices ranging from $17.50 to $20 an hour. Pricing for yard work, home maintenance and snow removal by brokered workers ranges from $18.50 to $30 an hour depending on equipment provided. Brokered workers are paid directly by the client. CSC staff will be happy to help you find the right fit for you during your initial home visit.

Fees for service charged by brokered workers remain unchanged:

Light homemaking is $17.50 per hour, heavy cleans are $18.50 an hour, and crisis cleans are $20 per hour.
Yard work, home maintenance and snow removal appointments are $18.50 per hour if the worker is using the client’s equipment, negotiated by job. If the worker is using their own equipment the cost is $25-$30 per hour, negotiated by job.

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