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Program Overview

Our clients have access to services that will help them keep their homes clean and tidy. Whether that’s homemaking, yard work, or seasonal maintenance, services are provided at an affordable rate based on the client’s income.

As a non-profit organization, we know how to stretch a dollar without compromising quality. Our clients can vouch for that, as can our volunteers who see the innovation, forward-thinking, and strategic planning that goes into developing our programs. Help around the home is essential to living comfortably and with dignity. We help ensure that everyone has access to these services.



Either independent workers or our own staff provide light housekeeping, laundry, and more to keep your place tidy and clean.

home maintenance

Home Maintenance

We recruit and screen independent workers to help you with small projects around the house. Call our office to set up your intake appointment.
snow removal

Snow Removal

If you have a need for someone to clear your walkways and driveway during the winter months, we can match you with a dedicated worker. Call our office to set up your intake appointment.
yard work

Yard Work

A reliable worker can mean all the difference in helping you stay in your home. We recruit and screen people in your area to give you a helping hand when you need it. Call our office to set up your intake appointment.

All the meals are so very nice. They’re so well prepared. It makes me feel like I want to eat them. The soups are out of this world, I can’t expect more. And the desserts are gorgeous.


Client: Meals on Wheels

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physical health

Physical Health

social wellbeing

Social Wellbeing

help at home

Help at Home

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