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Who can benefit?

People who have limited options for transportation to local or out of town medical appointments.

A smiling young man and a smiling older woman in front of a car
A smiling female volunteer

Service Overview

Let us know when you book an appointment, and we’ll do the driving! Our friendly volunteers will pick you up, ensure you make it to your appointment, and take you home again.

Service Details

Simply call our office to arrange a convenient intake appointment. From there, you just call our office whenever you need a ride and we will arrange a time with one of our dedicated drivers.

  • This service is offered in Cambridge, Kitchener, and North Dumfries.
  • If you live in Waterloo, we can connect you to Waterloo Home Support’s transportation services.
  • There are fees for this services. Please see the fees for services page for pricing information.


A smiling older man opening a car door
An smiling older couple in the front seats of a car

It means I don’t have to phone so many people to take me to see my husband. People ask me why I come so often to see Ed – I go see him to know that I’m still connected. I still have a purpose.


Client: Transportation

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